Top 5 Tropes | The Good & The Bad

Hello! I missed posting last Tuesday, so I am combining the prompts for last week and today. Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Bionic Book Worm! You should definitely check out their blog if you haven’t already!

Last weeks prompt was Top 5 Tropes you want to see more of and this weeks prompt are the Top 5 Tropes you want less of, so combining them worked out perfectly!


Top 5 Tropes I Want More Of

  1. Hate-to-love romance: I just really love this trope and I usually really enjoy books that include it! It’s just enjoyable to watch two characters banter with each other but also still have that romantic side!
  2. Con Artists: It’s so fun to read books that have characters that can plan things out so well! It always creates a trilling and mysterious vibe when you don’t know what to expect from the characters!
  3.  Involved Families: I love reading books that have families who actually make a positive impact on the story, and I wish there were more of them!
  4. Unlikely Friend Groups: I love reading about how the most unlikely people become such strong and loyal friends! It’s so fun to see how all of the characters interact with each other, and how they grow throughout the story!
  5. Good-Bad Characters: I love reading about a character and they are the good guy and then something happens and they turn out to be the bad guy! There aren’t many books like that, that I have read, and I wish there were more!


Top 5 Tropes I Have Had Enough Of

  1. Love Triangles: They are so over used and just seeing one in a book turns me away almost instantly!
  2. The Guy Saves The Girl: I’m so tired of reading a book and the girl doesn’t think she is worthy until a boy tells her that she is!
  3. Insta-Love: Again, it’s just so over used and it is unrealistic in my opinion.
  4. The Bad Boy Who Has An Abusive Past: There has to be a more creative reason for them to be a “bad boy”.
  5. Under-Developed Characters: Does this one really need any explaining? I like to read books that make me relate to the characters in some way or books that make me feel for the characters. Badly written characters don’t do that.

Let’s Talk!

What tropes do you like and dislike? Do you agree with any that I mentioned? Thank you for reading!


4 thoughts on “Top 5 Tropes | The Good & The Bad

Add yours

  1. Oooh, I’m a big sucker for the hate-to-love also, but it has to be done right, because I am so not a fan of insta-love, like you. xD And it seems like quite a few hate-to-love tropes I’ve read recently have also been insta-love, which is a shame. Furyborn was a really good hate-to-love, although it’s not technically love. It’s more … sexual tension? Lol.

    I agree with love triangles, too. It seems like there’s this idea that they *have* to exist in YA now, but a lot of times, they feel forced to me, and I can just do without them. Great post!


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